Explore the lives of two American presidents, the origins of the world’s best-loved soft drink, Civil War relics, antebellum and Victorian homes, covered bridges, and much more!

Jimmy Carter

More than any other American president, Jimmy Carter is closely identified with his hometown. In Plains, Ga., a quiet, peaceful small town (population 716) still very much based around farming, church and community, the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site and Preservation District work to interpret the life and presidency of Jimmy Carter and to preserve the history and character of this small town. Plains High School, where both Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter attended, is the visitor center and museum for the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site. Films and exhibits depict the history of the town and the President.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Another president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, liked our region so much that he built a Little White House here in Warm Springs! Visitors can trace FDR’s story-his struggle with polio and his great task of pulling our country out of the Great Depression. The Little White House, a state historic site, is a white clapboard home that FDR built for himself in 1932 on the north slope of Pine Mountain. Throughout his presidency, FDR entertained there and used the Little White House as his retreat. While posing here for a portrait on April 12, 1945, FDR suffered a stroke and died a short while later. Today, the Unfinished Portrait is featured in a new museum that showcases many exhibits, including FDR’s 1938 Ford convertible with hand controls, his Fireside Chats playing over a 1930s radio, his stagecoach and a theater.

Dr. Pemberton

The originator of the formula for Coca-Cola, a Columbus pharmacist, is celebrated at the Pemberton House in Columbus, his one-time home. The home features Pemberton family heirlooms as well as many Coca-Cola related items. Dr. Pemberton lived in the Greek Revival four-room cottage between 1855-1860.